About Me

I am a co-founder of Optimyze, a company specialising in low level software optimisation, and a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, where I am exploring approaches to automatic exploit generation. Prior to this I ran Persistence Labs, where we developed software for fine-grained runtime data-flow tracking to assist with reverse engineering and vulnerability hunting,  and spent a number of years at Immunity Inc. as a Senior Security Researcher working on exploit development and related tooling. At Immunity, I was the lead engineer on a team that built the first compositional symbolic model checker for binary software, funded under DARPA’s Cyber Fast Track program. Across all of these positions I have developed and taught classes on exploit development, vulnerability detection, and the construction of advanced tooling for software analysis.

My research interests are broadly under the umbrella of ‘algorithms reasoning about other algorithms’. More specifically (although not really) I enjoy learning about and working on operating systems, formal methods, theorem provers, vulnerability detection, exploit development, machine learning, optimisation and program synthesis. You can find out more via [code][publications][CV], or just drop me an email via sean at heelan dot io.