ISSA Ireland seminar

I got back from the latest ISSA Ireland seminar today. The event was held in Dublin and consisted of a number of talks and a panel discussion. There was an excellent crowd and some really interesting people with conversation varying from program analysis to governmental cyber-security policy.

I gave a presentation titled ‘VoIP Security: Implementation and Protocol Problems‘ which was a relatively high level talk about finding bugs in VoIP applications and deployments. It consisted of an overview on finding vulnerabilities in VoIP stack implementations and auxiliary services and introduced some of the common tools and methods for discovery/enumeration/attacking VoIP deployments.

Hart Rossman, of SAIC, gave an excellent talk which touched on a number of different issues around developing and implementing cyber-defence policies. Aidan Lynch, of Ernst and Young, discussed security issues in deploying VoIP in a corporate environment. The panel discussion focused on securing national infrastructure (or so I’m told because I managed to miss that). And finally there were a number of lightning talks; of particular interest was one on the application security process in Dell which introduced me to the concept of threat modelling and Microsofts TAM tool. (There is an MSDN blog here which contains a lot of good information on the topic in general)

It was an educational day all round and I’d like to thank the organisers for inviting me to present and being such excellent hosts.